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Our hours of service are:
  • Monday to Friday - 9am to 9pm (Australian Central Time)
  • Saturday, and SA Public Holidays - 1pm to 6pm (Australian Central Time)
Note: Feel free to leave a message on Sunday and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Use the contact methods below for all support services including general information enquiries, technical assistance, billing enquiries and service charges.

Contact Support

1300 309 121
We recommend you consult the FAQ pages

Dial-up Connection details:

Phone number: 0198 331 221

Note: Your username must include our domain e.g. username@webshield.net.au

Email Set-up Instructions

General Information required to configure email access (required for any email client)

  • Your username must include your full email address e.g. joeblogs@webshield.net.au
  • The Incoming mail server name is mail.webshield.net.au
  • The outgoing mail server name is mail.webshield.net.au

Instructions for Specific Email Clients

Microsoft Outlook 2003
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